Full Product Catalog (PDF)

Air Distribution Ducts & Accessories Catalog (PDF)

Switch Point Lock - Folded Pedal    --Keeps railroad switch points locked in place         


Switch Point Lock - Straight Pedal                


Switch Point Clamps        --Protects against accidental switch opening


Switch Point Protectors   --Prolongs the life of switches

Compression Rail Anchors     --Holds the rails to the outside shoulder of the tie plate 


Flexiclip® Rail Fasteners      --Prevents rail movement  


Bridge Tie Anchors    --Fastens open deck bridge ties to supporting steel members    


Gauge Rods           --Maintains track gauge for all size rails


Track Lubrication Systems     --Lubricates single rail, double rail and single rail-guard rail track installations


Fiberglass Switch Covers        --Minimizes hot air loss, keeping switches protected from weather

Car Retarders     --Controls and stops rolling stock    


Track Skates      --Slows/stops moving rail cars or hold cars steady


Wheel Stops

Hot Air Blower Systems     --Keeps switches open and operative during snow, sleet or ice storms


Hot Air Blower System Layout with Main Duct Tie   --Typical single track forced hot air systems


Cold Air Blower Systems       --Removes snow from switch points through air nozzles  


Rail-Tel (RTS) Switch Heaters    --Natural Gas & Propane rail heaters with automatic ignition

Low Pressure Natural Gas Track Switch Heaters     --Applies uniform heat over the entire length of the switch  

Tubular Electric Switch Heaters       --Keeps railway switches open in severe weather


Tubular Electric Switch Rod Heaters  --Protects switch rods from freeze ups      


Tubular Electric Ballast Heaters    --Provide weatherproof, safe and economical protection from freeze-ups     


Insulated Heat Retainers        --Enhances heat transfer to rails


Electric Switch Heater Controls      --Ensures that electric switch heaters operate efficiently & dependably  

Snow Detection Systems    --Provides automatic operation of all types of snow melting equipment    


Compact Snow Detector      --Detects rain and snow  

Channel Systems     --Used to contain power, control, communication, signal cables   


Underground Utility Boxes  --Used as splice boxes, equipment enclosures for underground access      


Junction Boxes, Cast Iron & Fiberglass    --Used to connect & extend circuits    


Portable Air Compressors    --Self-contained, gas engine air compressors   


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