Car Retarders

13, 18 and 36 Foot Long Retarder Systems

Rails Company Car Retarder Systems are available with or without hydraulic action. The retarder is made for stopping rolling stock in your hump yard or any yard you need to control free-wheeling rolling stock.

The Rails Co. Retarder System can be furnished for on-site assembly and installation by railroad personnel or contractors. Friction rails are included with each Retarder System. The railroad or contractor must supply running rail, ties, tie plates, spikes and anchors.

Car Retarders System can also be furnished completely assembled (panelized) on a 39 ft. running rail section of the customers-specified size. The panelized Retarder System includes both friction and running rails, ties, tie plates, and anchors and is ready to drop into a prepared track section.

The Rails Co. Retarder System comes in several convenient lengths and styles.

13 Ft. Inert (No power required)
13 Ft. Hydraulic (Power required)

18 Ft. Inert (No power required)
18 Ft. Hydraulic (Power required)

36 Ft. Inert (No power required)
36 Ft. Hydraulic (Power required)

The Rails Co. Retarder System can be provided to conform to your power source. For additional information about the Car Retarder Systems or any other Product line, contact our friendly sales staff.

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