Cold Air Blower Systems

Cold Air Blower Systems

The Rails Co. Cold Air Blower (CAB) System removes snow from the switch point by delivering a stream of ambient temperature air at high velocity (2800 to 3700cfm), directed through to nozzles and optional modular duct layout.

These electrically powered, low profile systems effectively keep switches clear in applications where heated air is not required and/or an alternate fuel source is unavailable or too costly.

Standard systems consist of an electrically powered blower unit (available in 5 hp, 7.5 hp or 15hp), an air intake (available in three heights*) main duct, modular ducting and two nozzles. Center track modular ducts are optional.

Controls are mounted on the blower. Systems may be operated manually, remotely or automatically using a Rails Co. Snow Detector. An ambient temperature sensor reduces run time, lowering operating cost

The (CAB) Cold Air Blower System is designed for low noise levels and is balanced to minimize vibration. All components that come in contact with the ballast, including the nozzles, are constructed of heavy gauge, stainless steel. Duct sections are electrically isolated.

Simple design and rugged construction ensure fast installation and lower maintenance. Extensive experience on railroads has proven that Rails Co. CAB System is a highly reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to keep switches open.

Click here to view the CAB Ducts & Accessories Catalog.

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