Hot Air Blower System Layout with Main Duct Tie

Hot Air Blower System Layout

#1 - Duct, Flexible (All lengths available (2 ft. min.) compressed)

#2 - Main Duct Tie Assembly With Pandrol Fasteners

            HAB-11000-6-115 - Pandrol eCLIP - 9.0"

            HAB-11000-6-132 - Pandrol eCLIP - 9.0"

            HAB-11060-6-115 - Pandrol SAFELOK - 9.0"

            HAB 11060-6-132 - Pandrol SAFELOK - 9.0"

        (The above duct ties can be furnished without air outlets for multiple tracks and canted rail seat.)

#3 - Nozzle, Flexible

#4 - Transition, Mod Duct

#5 - Duct, Modular, 8 ft. long, Open

#6 - Duct, Modular, 8 ft. long, Closed

#7 - Crank Rod Layout


Note: Nozzles & Transitions are furnished complete with electrical isolation kit.

The high pressure Hot Air Blowers force hot air to the switch area via the main duct tie, flexible nozzles, and modular ducts. These systems keep switches open and operating during snow, sleet and ice storms. The Hot Air Blower Units can be used for single or multiple switch application and come in a variety of styles:


15 Inch with Hi-Low Heat Ability

Compact with up to 524,000 BTU Output

Low Profile for tight spaces



All the Hot Air Blower Units can operate on Natural or Propane Gas and can be supplied to meet your power needs:

- 240 volt, single phase

- 240 volt, three phase

- 480 volt, single phase

- 480 volt, three phase



Layouts for 16 foot switch to 39 foot switch using 112# to 140# rail.


Also available with rigid nozzles and standard main duct.   

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