Hot Air Blower Switch Heater

High Performance For Extreme Weather

For Single Or Multiple Switch Applications

Hot Air Blower Switch Heater  Hot Air Blower Switch Heater Hot Air Blower Switch Heater

Gas, All-Electric or Oil fueled high pressure heating unit forces hot air throughout the switch area via ducts and nozzles.

Complete systems designed and proven for rugged service in severe weather. Keeps switches open and operative during snow, sleet or ice storms.

The Hot Air Blower features a High Pressure Blower which forces air around the combustion chamber and through the ductwork, providing even transfer and distribution of heat.

Hot air dries up snow. Leaves switch area clear and dry, minimizing the “snow plow” effect of passing trains.

-Fast, Simple Installation

No complicated piping. Leaves switch area open for maintenance personnel. We’ve designed the system so you can customize it—just put it together. 

-Efficient Heating

Keeps operating costs low. Can be fueled by natural gas or propane and powered by various voltages, single or poly-phase. 

-Electronic Safety Circuits

Constantly monitors blower operation. Ensures safe and proper operation of the blower at all times. 

-Directional Air Flow

Adjustable nozzles allow you to direct the airflow where it’s needed.

The Hot Air Blower Switch Heater (HAB) provides track switch snow removal during severe winter conditions. This type of heater has been engineered and constructed for dependable service, maximum heating efficiency and safety with minimum maintenance.

The oil, gas or electric powered units use a high-pressure blower to force an air stream around a combustion chamber to ensure even heat transfer. The motor shaft is fastened to the blower fan and, in the case of oil units, coupled to the specially designed fuel pump. This pump is adaptable to either single or dual fuel line feed.

The main duct, which passes under the tracks, is insulated to safeguard against possible track circuit interference. Various nozzle arrangements, duct insulation and heat retainers are available to provide maximum heating efficiency.


Local conditions, length of switches and user preference may dictate the use of higher horsepower or BTU blower units as well as the type of heat-distribution system accessories, such as heat-retaining shield layouts, modular ducting, etc.

In the control panel, two adjustable electronic timers are provided for safety. They ensure that burners fire properly within a predetermined period of time, preventing fuel build-up within the burner. One of these timers also continues blower operation after the burner shuts off to cool the unit.

Rails Co. HAB Switch Heaters are easy to install and maintain. Experience has proven their high reliability of operation under all weather conditions.

The HAB may be operated manually, remotely and/or automatically by the Rails Snow Detector.


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