Insulated Heat Retainers

Insulated Heat Retainers

This design makes use of the insulated retainers which can be cut to permit mounting within the confines of the braces. The insulation lining on the heater side of the retaining shield inhibits heat loss to the environment and creates an effective oven; enclosing the tubular heater mounted in contact with the web of the rail on the outside.

This insulating concept enhances heat transfer to the rail, and minimizes the power requirement and is unique to Rails Co. heat retainer designs.

The insulation material is a ceramic fiber paper of 1/4 inch thickness, capable of withstanding temperatures of 2,300 degrees . It is non-hygroscopic in comparison with other less expensive materials like rock, wool or fiberglass. By providing an air space around the heating element, temperature rise and response times are considerably increased.

Once the heater is installed in the area at the base of the web, the heat retaining shield will be secure at the base of the rail by driving the clamp on to the rail with a light hammer blow.

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