Junction Boxes

Junction Boxes

Rails Co. fiberglass and cast iron junction boxes are enclosures used to connect and extend circuits for electric switch heater layouts and other applications. They are used mostly for connecting wires in order to extend the circuit to a further location. Junction boxes are used for low voltage and high voltage applications.

Junction boxes are available with or without pre-drilled holes and cord grips for easy installation. Rails Co. Junction boxes also provide protection from the elements, chemical degradation, shock and vibration. The fiberglass series of junction boxes are available in a variety of sizes.


Advantages of Junction Box:


-Simplifies the installation of switches, sockets and other utilities


-Gives enough space to accommodate wires while giving a clean external appearance


-Enables future expansion of the circuit easily


-Provides protection for electrical and communication wire connections



Applications of Junction Box:


-As a protective casing for wire connections, switches and sockets; trackside or in buildings


-To protect equipment such as relays and switches


-To protect outdoor equipment from damages due to natural forces


-To enable submerging of equipment by providing a watertight enclosure


-To serve as a protective casing in hazardous environments

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