Switch Point Protector

Switch Point Protector

The Trasco Safety Switch Point Protector is made of Manganese steel.

It will arrest the wear and prolong the life of the switch. It has been used in a number of cases to protect Manganese tipped switches, thus assuring long life to these expensive points. Special patterns are made to fit each design of switch point. The protector rests on the point rail base and when the switch is closed it rests on the base of the stock rail.

Switch Point Protector

This protector is bolted to the switch point ahead of the tie bar clip.

-No holes to drill.

-No bolts to buy.

-Clip bolts fit.

Switch Point Protector

Switch Point Protector

The Trasco Safety Switch Point Protector was primarily designed to arrest the wear on the point of a switch rail and thus prolong its life. It does this very effectively, sometimes to the extent of several times the life of the ordinary point. In addition to that, the cost of renewals is saved.

Its application is universal as it can used on high speed track and facing point switches. On the straight run, when the switch is open, it does not touch the stock rail and when the switch is closed, it does not encroach upon the gauge line.

It fits the rails accurately and becomes a part of the switch. When interlocked, as on facing point switches, it is held between the web of the rail and the interlocking front foot. As a rule no holes are required to be drilled as the protector is provided with holes that match the first two holes in the switch point where the bolts are placed that usually hold the strap. No special bolts are required as clip bolts will fit.

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