Tubular Electric Switch Heaters

Tubular Electric Switch Heaters Tubular Electric Switch Heaters

Rails’ Tubular Electric Switch Heaters keep switches open in severe winter weather. These switch heaters are available in round and flat styles. Quality alloy sheath construction ensures trouble-free operation and long service life.

Standard heaters for switches up to 45’ in length are rated up to 500 watts/foot in various sizes and profiles (eg. round, flat, triangular, etc.) Custom voltages, lengths and wattages available.

Non-separable and quick-disconnect terminals available in standard 10’ leads or lengths to suit.

Mounting hardware available as bolt-on or snap-on.

Heaters can be installed on either the field or gauge side of the rail with the active section extending beyond the switch point. Bolt-on heater mounting hardware typically requires 7/16” holes made in the rails every 18” to 24”. Snap-on hardware requires no modifications to the track-work, but is for field side mounting only.

Switch Point

Length (feet)

Active Length

Length Between

Terminal Housings

15' 14' 16'
16'6" 15'6" 17'6"
20' 19' 21'
22' 21' 23'
24' 23' 25'
26' 25' 27'
27' 26' 28'
30' 29' 31'
33' 32' 34'
39' 38' 40'
45' 44' 46'

Special length heaters also available. Above sizing table applies to Double End heaters. For Single End heaters, heater length and switch point length are the same.

Heaters may be shipped straight or coiled depending on length. They may be formed in the field--contact customer service.

Tubular Electric Switch Heaters

Rails Co. Tubular Electric Switch Heaters provide trouble-free, weatherproof, safe and economical protection from freeze-ups. They are constructed of stainless steel and conform to AAR specifications.

Heaters can be supplied in customer-specified voltages AC or DC with watts of 100-500 per. foot. Three types of terminals are available: RAILSEAL®, Separable and Quick-Disconnect. The RAILSEAL® Terminal provides a permanent seal against moisture. The Separable and Quick-Disconnect allow the user to remove heaters when not in use. Heaters are furnished with a standard 10 ft. #6AWG cable lead (C) on each end, unless otherwise specified. Mounting hardware can be supplied to support the heater at 18-inch intervals.

Installation: Depending on the length of the heater (A), heaters can be installed on either the field or gauge side of the rail with the active length (B) at least 12 inches ahead of the switch point. For gauge-side installation, holes are drilled in the neutral axis of the rail for heater support clips using a clearance drill for a 3/8” bolt. For field-side installation, snap-on clips are used and no drilling is necessary. All hardware is matched to the diameter (D) of the heater.

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